Oil Analysis

Oil Testing Machine
for Micron Level Analysis

Precision Research contracted to design a new oil analysis machine for worldwide analysis testing company.

The clients machines were originally designed and made in the 1990's. However the analysis requirements had increased over the prior decade, and new machines were required to meet more demanding specifications. Also the existing machines could not be modified or upgraded since the electronics, optical components and software were no longer available.

Precision Research proposed several concepts including manual and fully automated systems and it was decided to initially proceed on a manual version.

The development task comprised two primary design programs:

  • Mechanics and Enclosure components
  • Electronics, Software and Optics

Machine Features:

  • PC controlled Optics IIluminator Stepper Motor operation
  • Analysis of 300 tests in 6 seconds with graphical presentation
  • Custom Micro Chip controller
  • Configuration variable for multiple test parameters
  • Software updates via Internet
  • Date transfer to PC Host using USB protocol

The new machine was completed in late 2008 with more advanced analysis capabilties and far greater accuracy. The machine is ready for manufacturing of units for use in all the clients facilities in 2009.


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