Laser Systems

YAG Laser Trimmer & Marker
Designed for Quantrad

Precision Research contracted to design a new YAG Laser Marking Machine including all automated component handling mechanisms.

The project was started from zero and the first unit was operational in 6 1/2 months.

Quantrad had been producing industrial laser systems for several years. These systems were always a series of separate modules without any cohesive styling.

Precision Research proposed a concept to re-design the laser system into one well styled unit to appeal to a larger market, The proposal included preliminary design sketches and detailed cost projections. The proposed design would provide the Quantrad with a true proprietary product and also create a system far more economical for manufacturing.

Quantrad approved the concept and Precision Research was contracted to design, develop and also manage the initial production of the entire system. Since the contract had a specific delivery date the complete design task required very rapid execution. The engineering and production of the first unit was completed in 4 1/2 months. This included a custom automated rotary indexing system for marking identification on the rim of computer memory disks.

The result: The Quantrad Laser, known as the "Blazer" became the world leading YAG system for several years.

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