Hot Air Leveling

Hot Air Leveling System for Gyrex Corporation

Precision Research contracted to design a totally new Hot Air Leveling System.

The project was started from zero and the first unit was operational in 5 1/2 months.

Gyrex had been producing Hot Air Leveling systems for several years. Precision Research was requested to create an entirely new design that with the objective of achieving reliability, higher product output and also to reduce manufacturing costs by over 50%.

Precision Research designed, re-styled and developed an entirely new system that including many new technical inovations. Milo Cripps also managed the initial entry into production, including prototype, procurement and outside electronic consultants. The complete design, engineering and production of the first unit was completed and exhibited at Nepcon in 5 1/2 months..

The results:

  Doubling of production output per hour
  Direct manufacturing cost reduced by 40%
  New and exciting industrial design
  Modular assembly
  Increased reliability and simplified maintenence

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