X-Ray Systems

Year 2013

X-Ray System
Designed for TeK84 Engineering Group

Precision Research was contracted by TeK84 Engineering Group to participate in the design a revolutionary 'PORTABLE' X-Ray System.

The project was based on a prototype invented by Dr Steven Smith Ph.D., founder of Tek84 Engineering Group LLC

The first unit became operational in late 2013.

The Portable AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) X-Ray machine is designed to ship to an event site in three rugged containers and complete installation takes one hour or less.

Screening is fast, up to 180 persons/hour and its unique 'Advanced Dualmode Scanning' detects an exceptionally wide range of threats, including: conventional and plastic firearms, explosives, ceramic blades, and chemical weapons. The machine plugs into standard electrical outlets worldwide, or can operate from batteries for up to 12 hours.

Precision Research's task included the design of the entire working mechanical assembly and to manage the manufacturing of all mechanical components for the first three machines including: Frame, X-Ray Lift Assys, Detector Cases, and all other details within the structure, and to assist TeK84 with the startup of production.

Year 1992

X-Ray System
Designed for IRT Corporation

Precision Research was contracted by IRT to design a revolutionary new X-Ray System.

The project was started from zero based on the original prototype invented by Dr Steven Smith Ph.D., founder of Tek84 Engineering Group LLC

The first unit become operational in 6 1/2 months.

The product is now manufactured by Rapiscan® Systems as the Rapiscan® Secure 1000.

The Rapiscan® Secure 1000 system has recently received wide television and press publicity as an important security system in the fight against terrorism threads.

IRT had been producing Industrial X-Ray Systems for several years and was a world leader in its marketplace. The company had completed a working prototype of a revolutionary x-ray system for detecting drugs and weapons on people. Precision Research was requested to take the concept from the prototype stage and design a functional machine for production with the objective of achieving reliability, high product output with stringent manufacturing cost limitations.

Precision Research styled, designed, developed and assisted in the startup of production of the entire system. The design employed unique concepts combining lead-screws, servo-motors and unique cams configurations to achieve complex combinations for rapid tilting while simultaneosly lifting of the X-Ray assembly within the enclosure. The entire design, engineering and production of the first unit was completed and operational in 6 1/2 months.

Precision Research was also contracted as a consultant on designs and proposals for varied customs systems for Air Bag inspection and analysis.  

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