Radome 100 Feet Diameter

Radome Designed for Radar Protection on Dew Line in Alaska

Milo Cripps was part of the team that designed this 100-foot diameter Radome.

It was Mr. Cripps's first design of any kind and introduced a unique new concept that did not require any internal structure, and comprised approximately 800 interlocking panels.

Each panel shape has 5 or 6 sides with irregular shapes so as to not interfere with radar signals.

All Panels designs are 1.50 inch thick sandwich structure with .060 inch thick high strength fiberglass skins bonded to honeycomb core. Each edge contains a bonded-in channel with an embedded rotating lock mechanism embedded to facilitate panels to be assembled to each other on location.

The assembly process was performed by attaching the first row of panels to a base ring and then building upwards in successive rows until a single top panel was finally installed.

In addition to the Radome itself, Milo Cripps designed tooling and large filament winding machinery for production of pre-impregnated fiberglass material to be used for the panel laminate skins.

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