Prescription Counting Machines

Pill Counting Machine for RX Count

After 42 years Precision Research was contracted again to re-design the original Pill Counting machine.

RX Count had developed an improved prototype counting concept and needed a complete design to manufacture in high volume (5000 to 10000 units).

Precision Research took the concept from the prototype stage through to initial production with the objective of achieving reliability and ease of assembly on a manual production line.

The machine was re-designed to maintain the same basic size and mechanical principles, but to redesign the styling and controls to achieve a more modern aesthetic appearance. Also re-engineered functionality to a unique automated adjustment mechanism to recognize all pill sizes and shapes with an automated precision gate concept to bring pills into a single file for accurate counting.

Precision coordinated all electronic and mechanical engineering tasks and assisted RxCount through to initial production.

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Pill Counting Machine for RX Count

Precision Research was contracted to design a Pill Counting machine for use in Phamacies. The objective was to provide a low cost, compact unit to automatically count prescriptions faster and more accurately than manual counting.

The first unit was operational in 5 1/2 months.

These machines were successful for 42 years and still in production in 2010 enjoying robust sales.


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