Battleship Gun Shields

3" and 5" Battleship Gun Shields

Precision Research was contracted to design new types of Battleship Gun Shields to be made from high performance composite fiberglass materials. This program also included design of tooling and follow through to production.


Precision Research then an engineering consultancy primarily focused on designing high performance composite plastics products and structures.

The 'Gun Shield' program was a US Navy requirement to reduce the 'above deck' weight to allow for added weight of new radar equipment. Milo formed a team of design engineers specifically for the program.


The design task was completed in 7 months and included: Concept evaluations, Stress Analysis and Design.

Tooling included large steel molds for the outer shell and all support structure beams. The tooling was designed for vacuum bag curing using high temperature in an Autoclave.

Assembly employed fixtures similar to aircraft manufacturing.

Final approval testing required the entire structures to be enclosed, sealed and tested to withstand high vacuum pressure.

First shields were delivered in 11 months from start of design.

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