Flexible Interlocking Floor Tiles


In 2004 Milo Cripps designed ResiliaTM tiles as an alternative concept for 'Non Adhesive' floor tiles. Mr Cripps then founded 'Floor Surfaces, Inc.', to manufacture the tiles in Los Angeles, California and to sell the tiles nationwide with the brand name 'Resilia'.

The Resilia tiles are used across the U.S.A. in Commercial Offices, Basements, Home Gyms, Fitness Studios, Kitchens, Garages, Animal Care Centers, Worship Centers, Work Areas, Military Machine Shops, and more.

No adhesives are required and installation is easy and requires no special tools

With its 'Snap-In' interlock design as shown below, tiles can easily be installed at a rate of approximately 100 per hour without any adhesive required.

Precision Research had the injection mold manufactured and the new company 'Floor Surfaces, Inc.' commenced manufacturing and sales in 6-1/2 months following completion of tooling.

Floor Surfaces offices relocated to Manhattan Beach, California 1n 2009.

The business was closed in 2011 due to declining sales and the tooling
was sold in 2012 to Locktile USA.

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