Curtain Coating Machine

Curtain Coating Machine
with Air Knife Assist

In 2010 Precision Research was contracted by an Allergan Inc., an international medical company to design a new curtain coating machine machine for evaluating a range of complex liquids ranging fron 45 cPs to 25,000 cPs.

The client required the machine to coat liquids for research to determine which liquids would be suitable for both a final product and also if the process could be viable in a high volume production environment.

The development of the machine was a joint effort with Precision Research responsible for the overall system design and mechanical engineering, and all aspects of controls, electronic design and software provided by Advantage Automation.

Engineering, design, manufacturing and delivery was completed in 5 1/2 months.


Precision Research evaluated all available curtain coating machines and available die designs and found that none existed offering the capability to coat with the range of liquids required in combination with widely variable deposition speeds as required by the client.

All coating machines identified were both expensive and none had the adjustablility to handle liquids with a consistency best described as being from thin honey to thick chocolate. The primary reason that available curtain coating systems were expensive is that they are primarily manufactured for very high volume production of thin films and further that all machines are designed for specific applications requiring only a narrow range of liquid consistency.

Given the above Precision Research decided on a concept that could handle all liquids required with fully adjustable die gaps to cater for any variation of liquid consistency. Also pressures, height, speed, stop and start positioning were all to be combined with a trailing air knife to assist with a vacuum removal capability.

Control of the system employs a PC graphical interface easily useable and programable by the machine operator.

Machine Features:

  • PC controlled Stepper Motor operation
  • Curtain Die with adjustable pressure, gap and height
  • Air Knife with adjustable pressure, gap and height
  • Vacuum extraction for excess liquid deposition
  • Configuration variables for multiple test parameters
  • Software updates via Internet
  • Date transfer via PC Host using USB protocol

The machine was completed in mid 2010.


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